The following table attempts to define the various terms used on the pages of this website. If there are any terms not adequately explained or not included below, please use the Contact Form to get in touch.
Term Definition
ROOKERY A nesting colony of rooks where colony is defined as any nest or group of nests 100 metres or more from the next nearest group.
Action Shows the actions, as an icon, that may be performed from a list page. This will differ on whether you are logged in or not. Some of the available actions are display detail, add a record, delete a record etc.
Activity Activity refers to the breeding activity within the colony and is held on the rookery counts record in the form of BTO Categories of Breeding Evidence (as used during the Atlas and on Birdtrack).
Enquiry An enquiry is a data query that is output on screen.
Hectad A hectad is an area 10 km x 10 km square. In the context of the Ordnance Survey maps, it refers to the standard 10 km x 10 km squares that comprise a 100 km square. The hectad is dentoted by 2-letter code of the 100 km square followed by a one-digit easting of the western bound of the hectad and the one-digit northing of its southern bound e.g. TL13 refers to the hectad centred on Lower Stondon, Bedfordshire.
Region Definition
Report A report is a data query that is output to a file. From this website, data is output either in CSV (Comma Separated Values) or PDF files, depending on the selected report.
Tetrad A tetrad is an area 2km x 2km square. When based on an Ordnance Survey map, this is the unit often used in natural history atlases to record species local distribution.
Unid Trees Definition
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